Apple iPhone 4g (Release, Supply and Problems)

The Apple iPhone 4g hit the market last week with a flurry of activity, sales, rave reviews, and some reported problems!

Apple was able to sell 1.7 million units before running out of phones.  Steve Jobs reported that this was Apple’s most successful product launch ever!

The Good News:

The iPhone 4g appears to be a fairly significant upgrade for 3G and 3Gs users with the following features:

  • Front and Back Camera to support Video Calls and Chats as well as easier self pictures and videos.
  • 5 Megapixel Camera with LED Flash
  • HD Video Recording
  • A larger Battery with up to 40% more talk time
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Sharper Resolutions on a 960×640 resolution display.
  • Thinner than older models
  • and more!

The Bad News:

  • Apple ran out of units, and it looks like it may be a few weeks before there are more.
  • Antenna Glitch – Holding the phone “wrong” causes signal loss unless you buy a case or bumper.  According to cNet, there may be a software fix to this problem out this week.

It looks like the iphone 4g is here to stay and is a considerable upgrade, if you can get your hands on one!

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