Apple to Release iAds on July 1st – Cash for Apps Developers

Apple announced today that they will release their iAds mobile advertising network on July 1st. This network will allow advertisers to show interactive ads within apps allowing customers to see ads, make purchases, and compensate developers all without leaving the iPhone / iPad application.

Apple has already signed up some big name advertisers including AT&T, Best Buy, Campbell Soup Company, Chanel, Citi, DirecTV, GEICO, GE, JCPenney, Liberty Mutual Group, Nissan, Sears, State Farm, Target, Turner Broadcasting System, Unilever and The Walt Disney Studios. Apple claims it has iAd commitments for 2010 totaling over $60 million, which represents almost 50 percent of the total forecasted US mobile ad spending for the second half of 2010.

This could be a big game changer and a major boost to iPhone, iPad, and iTouch application developers who now have another major source of revenue. Apple will share 60% of the advertising dollars with developers who joine the iAd Network.

Can Apple to for Apps Developers what Google Adsense did for Bloggers? Only time will tell, but the future looks good!

For more information on iAds and the iAd Network, visit

Here is a Demo from Steve Jobs:



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